Serra da Lousã has several villages, with many rebuilt houses, but keeping the original features of the building in shale, and with very good accessibility, and the roads have been paved recently.

The villages are Aigra Nova, Aigra Velha, Candal, Casal de São Simão, Casal Novo, Cerdeira, Chiqueiro, Comareira, Ferraria de São João, Gondramaz, Pena, Talasnal.

In some of these villages there are typical restaurants where you can enjoy a good talasnico (local sweet with honey), a good roasted lamb, among other delicacies.

What to visit - Arouce Hostel
What to visit - Arouce Hostel


One of the must-visit places is the Senhora da Piedade complex, where the Arouce Castle from the second half of the 11th century and the natural pools supplied by the Arouce river are located. In addition to the scenic beauty, the clear and crystalline waters, you can find beautiful waterfalls accessible by the mountain trails.

The castle belongs to one of the first defensive lines created to control southern accesses to Coimbra. It is first documented in 1087, in the will of D. Sesnando Davides, where he declares that he ordered the settlement of the place.

In the early days of the monarchy, the locality played an important role, which was not unrelated to its status as a border town. In 1124, an Islamic incursion took the castle and, once again in the possession of the Condado Portucalense, it was granted a charter in 1151, by D. Afonso Henriques.

What to visit - Arouce Hostel
History of the Region - Arouce Hostel

Legend of

According to an ancient legend, at the time of the Muslim occupation, the castle was built by the emir (Arab chief) Arunce, for the protection of his daughter Peralta and its treasures after being defeated and expelled from Conimbriga.

The Christian prince Lausus invades Conímbriga and King Arunce is forced to flee to the castle of Lousã, taking with him his daughter Peralta and all her wealth. At the time of their retreat, Princess Peralta and Prince Lausus look at each other for a brief moment and fall in love.

Lausus is desperately looking for his beloved, traversing the mountain ranges of the region. The old King Arunce, aware of Prince Lausus’ intentions, sets out to meet him, leaving Princess Peralta and the wealth locked up in the Castle of Lousã. They engage in fierce combat, and both end up succumbing. Since there is no one who knows the Princess’s refuge, she is imprisoned in the castle. Even today, the passionate sobs of young Peralta can be heard, waiting for her Prince.

History of the Region - Arouce Hostel
What to visit - Arouce Hostel

in the Serra
da Lousã.

Scattered across the mountain range are panoramic points where swings and benches were built under the “This is Lousã” project. At 1,200 meters high, this giant wooden swing is the ideal place to take original photos for Instagram.

There is also another one in the pools of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, in Burgo, which is over the water. Spectacular for some photos dangling inches from the water with a waterfall in the background.

Going up towards the village of Casal Novo, you can find a place with a unique panoramic view where the word “Lousã” was placed in huge letters by the project “This is Lousã”.

We have much more for our visitors to enjoy, but we reserve for you the pleasure of discovering and enjoying the pleasant surprises of our mountains.

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