If you have decided to come in your vehicle, you have several alternatives:

– You can take the picturesque N17, better known as “Estrada da Beira”, towards Lousã, exiting at the Foz de Arouce branch, about 3 km from the center of the village.

– You can take the A13, towards Miranda do Corvo, then take the bypass to the N342 towards Lousã. At the first roundabout, take Rua de Coimbra and on the Lousã exit, take the N236 towards Foz de Arouce


The 100-year-old train line on the Lousã branch was, in times of crisis, replaced by a bus and never returned.

The service is now provided by buses that take a similar route and run every 30 minutes between Lousã and Coimbra.

From Lousã, the transfer to the hostel can be made by taxi.


The national bus service leaves Coimbra and heads towards Lousã, passing by the door of Aroucehostel and stopping about 100m away.

The distance from Coimbra to the hostel is about 30km and takes 45min.