Located next
to the river and its
Roman bridge.

Arouce Hostel is located next to the river and its Roman bridge.

This place was the scene of an important battle during the third French invasion of Portugal.

When the French troops retreated to regroup, the English troops, our allies, cut off this retreat, taking advantage of the difficulties created by the waters of the river and the narrow and damaged Roman bridge.

To mark this battle, an obelisk was erected in his memory, which is still known today as “ the memory ”.

What to visit - Arouce Hostel
What to visit - Arouce Hostel

The Ceira River, which passes 50m from the house, is a Portuguese mountain river that rises in the Serra do Açor, near the village of Piódão. A tributary on the left bank of the river Mondego, into which it flows a few meters upstream from Coimbra .

The bridge, also known as Medieval Bridge , is considered one of the oldest in the central region, dating back to the 14th century, hence the end of the Middle Ages.

Foz de Arouce belongs to the municipality of Lousã and its name comes from/derives from its small river that rises in Serra da Lousã. On its way, it passes through Lousã and flows into the left bank of Ceira River, in Foz de Arouce.

What to visit - Arouce Hostel
History of the Region - Arouce Hostel

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