The history
of the house
is short.

It was built as a family house in a location with a fantastic view over Serra da Lousã and the valley along the Ceira River. It was born from the desire of the owners to have a place to live and rest in their years of retirement, being able to enjoy a unique view over Serra da Lousã.

It was in this house that the current owner, descendant of the previous ones, lived his youth.

As the house is vacant and has space, location, and characteristics suitable for the installation of guests, it provided the adventure of rebuilding and adapting the space to the function of accommodation.

The idea was to differentiate the existing offer in the area with a different concept of hotel or local accommodation.

Thus, Arouce Hostel was created with the objective of providing accommodation to tourists and, in particular, to teams and their staff who use Serra da Lousã to practice sport.

Arouce Hostel has 5 rooms with private bathrooms, TV, air conditioning and a balcony. On the ground floor there is 1 bedroom with 4 bunk beds and 1 bedroom with 6 bunk beds, with shower/WC, kitchen available for guests and a dining room. In the basement there is another bedroom with 6 bunk beds, a shower/WC and a living area. This makes a total of 42 overnight stays. 

The hostel has private parking for buses and light vehicles. For guests who practice sports such as mountain biking or endurance, they will have an area to store their motorcycles or bicycles. In addition, they will be able to wash/maintenance this equipment in a space prepared for this purpose.

Lousã has excellent conditions for the practice of various sports.

Serra da Lousã is host to international events such as:

  • Rally de Portugal (once one of the best stages),
  • Trail World Championships – Trail World Championships,
  • BTT Cross Country (XC), Downhill (DH) and Enduro (EN), would integrate this year (2020) the Salomon GoldenTrail Series international circuit.
  • National enduro championship, the National Enduro CFL,
  • Hiking along the mountain trails, prepared and organized to better enjoy nature, where you can find wild boar, deer, corsa,…
  • Jeep and paragliding tours are also organized.
History of the House - Arouce Hostel
History of the House - Arouce Hostel
History of the House - Arouce Hostel

has more.

It has the Lousã Rugby Club with participation in international competitions, it has the international championship of Volleyball Summer Cup Volleyball, it has an Olympic swimming athlete, among athletes with national titles and records, it has chess, titles in the national and world championship of Checkers, Basketball, international dance titles and more…

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